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Chortex Alexis®


Greatest Generation (1910-1927) were the first ones to use our historical towels during early 19th century. Hundred years of our production history holds many revamping’ along with all those major events that changed and shaped our world. So, we embraced the latest change and decided to move forward by offering not only absorbent, soft, durable, and stylish but also SAFER TOWELS since towels are absorbent, hang in dark bathrooms, often warm and damp, all these make them perfect environments for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. However, advanced chemical technology allows to reduce proliferation and cross-contamination of bacteria and other microorganisms on towels.

SILVER: Earth’s antimicrobial, an invisible protector of mankind, has been used for thousands of years as germicidal. Greeks and Romans preserved water in silver containers, discoverers placed silver coins in wooden water casks and milk jugs to prevent growth of bacteria and algae. In modern times different forms of silver continued to be used as germ fighter and water purifier.

ALEXIS® is the brand name for our antimicrobial products, that are treated and protected by non-migrating, non-leaching, exceptionally durable Silverplus® agent. Its powerful effectiveness is hidden in the extraordinary properties of silver strengthen in forms of microstructures. From the natural element silver to the leading hygiene, protection, and freshness technology.

Alexis® branded products offers;

  • Inhibits the multiplication of odor causing bacteria and organisms.
  • Hygienic and fresh towels even washed at low temperature.
  • Reduction of energy consumption.
  • Perfect synergism of freshness and optimized moisture transport.