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About Chortex USA

Welcome to Chortex USA, home of beautiful bath linens. We are proud to be part of the great heritage and the history which brought together the traditional Turkish Towel production and the century of experience in cotton terry-toweling dated back to early 19th century in Lancashire UK, where the Industrial Revolution had begun. In fact, terry towel production started in 1904 at site on Chorley New Road Horwich with the name of Victoria Mill. At some point between two world wars Victoria Mill became largest towel manufacturing unit in the world with more than thousand looms.

When retail was booming and the capabilities of importing products were limited, for decades Chortex imported into the US its own branded towels for big retailers and wholesalers from its production sites both in the UK and in Turkey as well as from the most reliable, vertically integrated manufacturing companies. Following advances in transportation and communication that lead integration between people and companies worldwide, retailers and wholesalers set up their own import departments and the service that Chortex used to offer lost its importance. But currently Chortex USA still imports into the US for relatively smaller boutique retailers and wholesalers its own branded and/or private labelled products from Turkey. Around ten years ago with the birth of e-commerce, Chortex USA adapted to the changing business environment. Now, DROP SHIPMENT became most important service that Chortex USA provides to flash site companies; every day we receive hundreds of DROP SHIP orders and ship them in 24 hours.

Built on a foundation of over a century of textile expertise and know how, Chortex uniquely combines authenticity with modern style of living, crafts the most premium fibers and achieves high quality of construction to create a genuine way to elegant luxury. Our relentless pursuit of soft, absorbent, and durable products invites our customers to indulgence themselves for years to come. We are proud to dedicate ourselves to take care of each step very meticulously to bring you the very best in quality at an affordable range.


The production of any product which involves natural fibers such as cotton demands knowledge and competence as the quality of the production is affected by factors that may vary in a very short time frame, like humidity, hardness of water, day and night temperature differences, quality of cotton crop and the list can go on. It requires a diligent process to produce a good quality of cotton product, which in our case is a luxurious Chortex bath linen. Therefore we control, measure and test every step of the manufacturing process, from cotton selection to the end-product, to create the unparalleled quality within a high-end design. Putting craftsmanship, environment and social responsibility at the heart of our approach, we select our partners carefully giving priority to the ecological and ethical standards which regularly inspected and certified by independent audit companies.


Luxury is an experience during which the time has been unplugged. We aim to enhance your daily routine and indulge yourself in complete comfort and elevation. Wrapping yourself by a Chortex bath linen will make your bath experiences delightful. To make this experience concrete we work very hard and continuously invest on research and development to build new constructions and techniques to achieve the best bath linens ever.

Today, so many different towels products and price driven competition in the market created smarter and more than ever savvy consumers who are willing to know more about the product and the production, so they can make what feel is the best purchase decision. Thus we strongly believe that our customers have all right to know why our bath linens are different, better and described as all in one luxurious products which include features of absorbency, softness, durability and style.

To learn more about towel manufacturing and why Chortex bath linens are different please visit Towel Facts.